Dance (2014- 2015)

Maximize your Artistry through DANCE!!

OFFERED (2014- 2015)

(Mondays 6:30 to 8:00)

Have you found yourself standing in front of all the videos learning every move?                                                                  Joining our Dance sector will be perfect for you!

Dance is an art form which focuses on movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music, used as a form of expression. Dancers, choreographers, and all those involved in studying and performing dance take part in defining and reinterpreting the art form. SCH CAPA Dance division provides development and expansion for all youth. They will learn dance skills and techniques in class and in performance, study the historical and cultural significance of dance and its evolution as an art form, and evaluate personal work and the work of others.

Dance SCH CAPA members will:

• Gain significant knowledge of dance elements, principles, and concepts.

• Develop and apply an understanding of basic principles of choreography.

• Apply knowledge, skills, and techniques of dance, in formal dance presentations.

• Effectively communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings through dance.

Learn Modern & Jazz! Here you can learn all the necessary techniques to be a great performer.






History of Dance                                                                                                                     





Take part in a grande dance performance held at the end of each semester!!!





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